Trifecta by Danielle Trudeau

Fun commission, and largest pastel piece to date!
16”x20”, soft pastels on velour, 2014.

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I have been waiting for awhile to post this.  I am not sure what I was waiting for though.   This piece of course features my fox Ivan depicted in a scene from an earlier time in his life long before he met Wilde (one of the characters in The Egg Sucker novel) I do not want to delve into spoilers from the novel so instead I will let you all decide what on earth is happening to my poor stylized fox. 

I had so much fun painting this piece at the time.  I think it was one of my most enjoyable of the year thus far and like all of my pieces in The Egg Sucker series, I am having trouble wanting to part with it.  Regardless, the original is for sale.  Contact me at if interested.  You can (and some of you already have) also view it in person, currently hanging at its third location at Happy Leaf Kombucha in Denver where the talented Melanie Steinway  and I are doing a duo show next Friday August 1st  If anyone wishes to purchase it before then and payment is made, I will mark it as sold until the end of the show.

Watercolour, metallic pigment, antique watch parts, decayed leaves and blood on canvas

 This painting is bloodmarked and copyright to Aria ‘51’ Keehn.  ShePaintsWithBlood 2014

Thank you so much for looking

8”x10”, soft pastels on velour.
Open for pet portrait commissions!


8”x10”, soft pastels on velour.

Open for pet portrait commissions!